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Dr. Jermaine Thomas, PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist, founder and CEO of MindScribber™️ LLC, author, YouTube content creator, husband, and father.

Dr. Thomas counsels people struggling with depression, anxiety, relational trauma, and marital discord. He is the author of the Amazon Best Seller, The Examined Life: A Journal of Questions and Quotes . He is also a content creator for the YouTube channel, Djehuti - Kemet University . Additionally, he maintains a Patreon blog titled, Promoting Wholeness in a Partisan World. Lastly, he is the creator of the long-awaited mental health app, MindScribber™️. It's a cutting edge self-help journaling app that utilizes the proven Expressing Writing technique and a suite of wellness tools to help individuals process their trauma and stress, and heal their mind and body. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of MindScribber™️.

Dr. Thomas received his undergraduate training from Georgetown University and he earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Adler University.

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